Oil purifier


PURPOSE: To shorten time required for a cleaning process, and improve stability by providing an oil cleaning tank of a cylindrical form of a smaller diameter than an oil storage part, and a flange part protruded from an outer surface of the oil cleaning tank to be supported on the oil storage part for covering an upper surface aperture of the oil storage part for forming an oil cleaning part. CONSTITUTION: A cover 3 is removed, used oil is charged into an oil cleaning tank 20, oil is filtered by a filter 5, and coloring components and odor in it are eliminated by activated carbon in a cartridge filter 4, before it is stored in a container 1. The container 1, as an oil storage part A, is that having a large bottom surface and favorable stability. For the oil cleaning tank 20 supported on an upper end aperture edge of the container 1 through a holding body 26 having a flange part 27, its diameter is smaller than that of the container 1, and oil height when oil is charged is high to be advantageous with relation to gravity filtration, thereby cleaning of oil by the filter 5 and the cartridge filter 4 can be completed in a short time.




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