Film processor


PURPOSE: To effectively supply a processing liquid by installing a processing liquid distributing box between a pair of film processing channels in a tank, forming a plurality of orifice arrays forged with plural orifices alternately zigzag into this processing liquid distributing box and admitting the processing liquid into the film processing channels. CONSTITUTION: The processing liquid distributing box 60 is installed between a pair of the film processing channels 46 and 47 in the tank in order to accept the processing liquid forcibly fed into the tank. A plurality of the orifice arrays formed with the plural orifices 68 alternately zigzag are formed in the processing liquid distributing box 60. The processing liquid is passed through a processing liquid inflow port 48 from the inside of the processing liquid distributing box 60 and is admitted into the film processing channels 46, 47. The orifices 68 supply the processing liquid to the surfaces coated with photosensitive agents of the film bands in the respective channels 46, 47. As a result, the efficient supply of the developer is executed.




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