Aqueous pigment ink for ball-point pen


PURPOSE: The titled ink lessening wear of ball seat in rotation of ball during writing, etc., long writable distance and having small sink of ball, consisting of pigment, a dispersant, water and a wax emulsion. CONSTITUTION: The aimed ink consisting of (A) preferably 3W20wt% pigment (e.g. organic pigment such as azo type pigment, etc., inorganic pigment such as carbon black, etc., metallic powder pigment such as Al powder, etc., fluorescent pigment, etc.), (B) preferably 0.5W20wt% dispersant (e.g. alkylsulfuric ester salt, etc.), (C) water and (D) preferably 0.1W10wt% wax emulsion (e.g. one obtained by dispersing wax of montan wax type with emulsifying agent). COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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