Far-infrared thawing apparatus


PURPOSE: To uniformly raise the temperature of a food to be thawed, to prevent the progress of oxidation, to remarkably shorten the thawing time and to reduce the production cost of a thawing apparatus, by applying far infrared radiation and clean cold humid air to the objective food in a thawing chamber. CONSTITUTION: A thawing chamber 1 holding a food F to be thawed is connected with an apparatus 2 for cleaning and supplying cold humid air and ceramic heaters S 1 and S 2 radiating for infrared radiation are placed in the thawing chamber 1. One or more ceramic heaters are fixed to a definite position in the thawing chamber 1 and far infrared radiation and clean cold humid air are supplied to the thawing chamber. The temperature of a food to be thawed can be uniformly raised, the progress of oxidation can be prevented, the thawing time can be remarkably shortened and the production cost of thawing apparatus can be reduced by the above construction. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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