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  • Inventors: NIRE TAKASHI
  • Assignees: Komatsu Ltd
  • Publication Date: April 06, 1988
  • Publication Number: JP-S6376564-A


PURPOSE: To make a device light-weight and small-sized by arranging a light emitting part consisting of a thin film on the light reception face side of a sensor part and detecting the sum of the direct light from the light emitting part and the reflected light from the surface of an original by the sensor part. CONSTITUTION: This device consists of a sensor part S, which consists of m-row and n-column dot matrix sensors formed on a glass base10, and a light emitting part EL consisting of a thin film EL element which is arranged on the light reception face of the sensor part S with a light-transmissive insulating film 20 consisting of an oxide silicon layer between them, and an original surface D is irradiated with the light from the light emitting part EL, and the presence or the absence of the reflected light is detected by the sensor part S. The sensor part S normally receives the second light L 2 ; and only when an image G exists, a light L 1 ' is made incident on the sensor part S and the sensor part S receives the light L 2 +L 1 '. Consequently, a sensor current 1 corresponding to L 2 is used as the threshold to read picture information. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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