Forming roll apparatus for metal sheet material


PURPOSE: To enable forming a forming body with a beautiful dressed surface by exchanging only an emboss roll by providing a guide part in a placing plate at an inlet of a forming roll apparatus making one roll of plural stages of forming roll groups disposed next to the emboss roll of a split type. CONSTITUTION: A color steel sheet A is fed on the placing plate 2 of the guide part 1, advanced straight on horizontally between the guide plate 3 and a guide roller 4 and supplied to the forming roll groups 5. Then, on the way of the forming roll groups 5, rugged patterns α, β are formed on the steel sheet A by the male and negative formed emboss rolls 10, 11, then sent out as a formed body C. Therefore, when the emboss roll is formed at least in split type and with materials corresponding to each function, its cost is low and its wear part is capable of exchanging easily. Furthermore, the forming of various forming bodys is performed only by exchanging each forming roll group individually. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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