Lead wire and manufacture thereof


PURPOSE: To provide a composite metallic lead having a softness equivalent to that of a silver-plated copper wire and suitable for applications for magnet equipments, by coating a core of a commercially pure iron with an external layer of copper so that the external layer has a cross-sectional area corresponding to a specified percentage of a total cross-sectional area of the composite lead. CONSTITUTION: An amount of copper providing an external coat is adjusted such that it has a cross-sectional area corresponding to about 60W90 % of the total cross-sectional area of a composite line. A commercially pure iron used for a core is a material having a composition consisting of a proportion limited to 0.020 % or less of carbon, 0.10 % or less of silicon, 0.10 % or less of chromium, 0.40 % or less manganese, 0.20W0.60 % aluminium, 0.20W0.60 % titanium and a balance of iron and inevitable impurities. Such material is suitable for applications for magnet equipments because it has ferromagnetic properties and presents extremely low residual magnetism when it is demagnetized. Further, a commercially pure iron containing 0.10W0.30 % Si, 0.20W0.40 % Mn, 0.10 % or less Cr, 0.20 % or less Al and 0.20 % or less Ti is also suitable, provided that the amount of carbon is limited to 0.008 % or less. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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