Actuation controlling method for hydraulic torque converter clutch in automatic transmission for vehicle


PURPOSE: To keep off any surging in a vehicle, by operating a clutch in a slipping state allowing the clutch to slip at the specified range where car speed is relatively low, but even in this range, when slippage of a hydraulic torque converter is less than the setting value, releasing actuation of the clutch. CONSTITUTION: When a clutch 22 is operated in a slipping state at a range where car speed is relatively low, if balance between actual output torque of an engine 2 and engaging force of the clutch 22 comes down and thereby the clutch is hard to slip, slippage of a hydraulic torque converter 3 is reduced, falling below the setting value. If it comes into such a state, actuation of the clutch 22 is released, a torque variation due to the slip of the hydraulic torque converter 3 is absorbed, and thereby any surging in a vehicle is prevented from occurring, thus a feeling of driving quality is made so better. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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