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US-2005224843-A1: High dynamic range pixel amplifier patent, US-2005248881-A1: Methods for producing optical recording medium and optical recording medium patent, US-2005285158-A1: Single-chip common-drain JFET device and its applications patent, US-2007096218-A1: Eeprom array with well contacts patent, US-2007228458-A1: Dual metal integration scheme based on full silicidation of the gate electrode patent, US-2009069382-A1: Bicyclic Angiotensin II Agonists patent, US-2004010165-A1: Catalysts for polymerization of alkylene oxides patent, US-2007099866-A1: Stable pharmaceutical compositions of 5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate patent, US-2010093267-A1: Service apparatus for a transportation means patent, US-2005026004-A1: Scintillator panel, method of manufacturing scintillator panel, radiation detection device, and radiation detection system patent, US-2007119341-A1: Azo compound, aqueous dye solutions containing the same, inks and use thereof patent, US-2010093828-A1: Compounds for the treatment of proliferative disorders patent, US-2006113642-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2007042255-A1: Seal for fuel cell patent, US-2007207617-A1: Polishing agent patent, US-2009300325-A1: Data processing system, apparatus and method for performing fractional multiply operations patent, US-2006284212-A1: Hetero-junction bipolar transistor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2010068124-A1: Nanostructure devices and fabrication method patent, US-2004021157-A1: Gate length control for semiconductor chip design patent, US-2007299072-A1: Kv1.5 potassium channel inhibitors patent, US-2008070121-A1: Lithium based electrochemical cell systems patent, US-2009090725-A1: Method for Producing a Reservoir and the Thus Obtained Reservoir patent, US-2005059217-A1: Methods of forming backside connections on a wafer stack patent, US-2010075078-A1: Cured-in-place liner material and methods and systems for manufacture patent, US-2004212071-A1: Systems and methods for stacking chip components patent, US-2007186264-A1: Backup Communication Modes patent, US-2008023863-A1: Method and apparatus for extrusion of profiled helical tubes patent, US-2006219174-A1: Hermetic cap layers formed on low-k films by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition patent, US-2003232882-A1: Irreversible non-steroidal antagonist compound and its use in the treatment of prostate cancer patent, US-2006131725-A1: System for implementing a configurable integrated circuit patent, US-2008128762-A1: Junction isolated poly-silicon gate JFET patent, US-2006249755-A1: Method to prevent arcing during deep via plasma etching patent, US-2008283977-A1: Stacked packaged integrated circuit devices, and methods of making same patent, US-2007129390-A1: Carbamate compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4 patent, US-2008239781-A1: Semiconductor memory device and method of forming a layout of the same patent, US-2010107848-A1: Glass Sheet Separating Device and Method For Using Same patent, CN-103080952-A: 基于局部特征的免配准安全指纹认证方法和系统 patent, US-2008211302-A1: Assist device patent, US-2008197340-A1: Multiple-wavelength opto-electronic device including a superlattice patent, US-2004096535-A1: Compression molding apparatus having replaceable mold inserts patent, US-2006007732-A1: Charge trapping non-volatile memory and method for operating same patent, US-2004210071-A1: Organometallic compound, its synthesis method, and solution raw material and metal-containing thin film containing the same patent, US-2006227236-A1: Camera module and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008150007-A1: Variable salicide block for resistance equalization in an array patent, US-2006088880-A1: Methods and compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of cellular proliferation disorders using 25943 patent, US-2007011760-A1: Nucleic acids that control seed and fruit development in plants patent, US-2004136455-A1: Efficient bit stream synchronization patent, US-2005036542-A1: Computation of compressed video information patent, US-2007202353-A1: Luminescent Material And Method For Producing Same patent, US-2007224449-A1: Organic EL device patent, US-2008004815-A1: Particle counter patent, US-2009241040-A1: Nokia places floating profile patent, US-2005239786-A1: Triazole derivatives as tachykinin receptor antagonists patent, US-2007200186-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2008241179-A1: Structural proteins of fish pancreatic disease virus and uses thereof patent, US-2008310500-A1: Method for activation and deactivation of infrequently changing sequence and picture parameter sets patent, US-2009136503-A1: Trail receptor-binding agents and uses of the same patent, US-2005282020-A1: Smooth outer coating for combustor components and coating method therefor patent, US-2004266419-A1: System and method for monitoring remote control transmissions patent, US-2004208103-A1: Information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method, and recording medium on which information reproduction processing program is computer-readably recorded patent, US-2005161376-A1: Brine container with filter system patent, US-2009240700-A1: Distributed file management system patent, US-2007092940-A1: Cysteine engineered antibodies and conjugates patent, US-2004031052-A1: Information platform patent, US-2006040085-A1: Adhesive segment applicator method and apparatus and roll of adhesive segments for use therewith patent, US-2008061448-A1: System and method for thermal expansion pre-compensated package substrate patent, US-2008274082-A1: Oximyl hydroxyamic analogs as hepatitis c virus protease inhibitor patent, US-2006128125-A1: Gate Electrodes and the Formation Thereof patent, US-2009263542-A1: Dry Food Compositions Having Enhanced Palatability patent, US-2004241493-A1: Organic metallic complex and electroluminescent element using the same patent, US-2005005300-A1: Resource management for a networked personal video recording system patent, US-2005040515-A1: Coolant cooled type semiconductor device patent, US-2006036250-A1: Antero-lateral plating systems for spinal stabilization patent, US-2004005309-A1: Targeted therapeutic proteins patent, US-2006219730-A1: Container for dispensing medicaments having a compressible medium therein patent, US-2006246471-A1: Compositions and methods for screening pro-apoptotic compounds patent, US-2008020118-A1: Polypeptides Having Lipase Activity and Polynucleotides Encoding Same patent, US-2007135296-A1: Supported polymerisation catalysts patent, US-2008142811-A1: MOSFET devices and methods of fabrication patent, US-2004176365-A1: Pde IV inhibitors patent, US-2008050432-A1: Combined Pharmaceutical Formulation with Controlled-Release Comprising Dihydropyridine Calcium Channel Blockers and HMG-COA Reductase Inhibitors patent, US-2006263594-A1: Optional liner based pressure sensitive intermediate assembly patent, US-2007297232-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory patent, US-2009291836-A1: Honeycomb structure patent, US-2006070144-A1: Methods and compositions for modulating flowering and maturity in plants patent, US-2009272295-A1: Coating Materials Consisting of Low- or Medium-Molecular Organic Compounds patent, US-2008058297-A1: Heterocyclic Compounds For Preventing And Treating Disorders Associated With Excessive Bone Loss patent, US-2008197394-A1: Methods of manufacturing semiconductor structures patent, US-2009324936-A1: Aqueous floor polishing composition patent, US-2004171120-A1: Broad-spectrum delta-endotoxins patent, US-2005035902-A1: Method and radar system for determining the directional angle of radar objects patent, US-2004036165-A1: Millimeter wave (MMW) transceiver module with transmitter, receiver and local oscillator frequency multiplier surface mounted chip set patent, US-2005085518-A1: Aryl sulfonamides useful as inhibitors of chemokine receptor activity patent, US-2009309237-A1: Semiconductor package system with substrate having different bondable heights at lead finger tips patent, US-2010047392-A1: Enzymes Having Alpha Amylase Activity and Methods of Making and Using Them patent, US-2005151163-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2007117742-A1: Methods and means for producing proteins with predetermined post-translational modifications patent, US-2009297979-A1: Polymerizable compound, polymer, positive resist composition, and patterning process using the same patent, US-2010084757-A1: Conductive compositions and methods of using them patent, US-2004234238-A1: Apparatus and method for reproducing video contents patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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